Monday, January 22, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

The Ford Model K? In the early days, Ford gave us plenty of cars besides the Model T.

45 Clever Signs From The 2018 Women's March.

The Y Chromosome Is Slowly Disappearing. At this rate, the male sex has only a few million years left.

Why Brigham Young University Had a Secret Cola Vending Machine. The Mormon prohibition against certain drinks leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

How Your Worst Fears Stack Up Against Reality. Select your top three fears, and the app will explain what your odds of dying from each one are.

London, 1682 vs. Today. The Morgan Map has been overlaid with aerial views of the modern city for comparison purposes.

A Roundup Of The Strangest Moments Of Trump's First Year In Office. 

The Boy Who Stayed Awake for 11 Days. A science fair project led to a world record that still stands.

When Nixon Said “Sock it To Me” on Laugh-In. His 1968 appearance opened the door for presidents on entertainment shows.

Jason Windsor finally gives us a sequel to his classic 2003 video “End of Ze World.” With NSFW language.

His Humiliation

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A Mother’s Promise: You Can Be Yourself

Laurin is raising Danny, the only thing she has left of her husband, and she can't know what he'd say in any situation concerning him. This is from the New York Times, where you can see five other stories about becoming a mother that are just as gripping. (via Digg)

Tweet of the Day

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Sunday, January 21, 2018


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Are You a Millennial?

Millennials don't want to be lumped into a group. And they don't want to be labeled -or do they? These folks don't hesitate to tell you how they are special and different, and they'll take a label as long as they get to choose it -and as long as it isn't Millennial. Not wanting to be seen as a Millennial is the most Millennial thing there is. I can't really blame them. Generations weren't as labeled and pigeonholed when we Boomers were young and lumped together. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Dad Knows Best

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Lucas the Spider is Captured!

Former Disney animator Joshua Slice has captured the hearts of the internet with his animations of Lucas the Spider, voiced by his nephew Lucas. In the latest episode of the spider's adventures, he finds himself captured. He was playing hide and seek, and tagged the wrong player! Will this be the end of Lucas? Of course not. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Australia's Map

The Doctor Says

Comedy pretty much writes itself these days. Saturday Night Live opened with the press conference about our president's annual checkup. If you watched the actual press conference, you know how easy this skit was. Here's the short version.


Snow White 1933

Starring Betty Boop, featuring Cab Calloway doing "St. James Infirmary." This was four years before Disney's feature film.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Grand Theft

How a TV Works, in Slow Motion

Gavin Free, one of the Slow Mo Guys has an 85-inch TV in his house! That implies that he has a large TV room, and from there you can imagine how well viral videos pay. Anyway, he and Dan are going to show us how television sets work, using different kinds of TVs and their mega-fast cameras so we can see thousands of frames for every video frame on the television device, whether its the big LCD set, a CRT, or an iPhone. You're not hallucinating- Gav and Dan borrowed a camera to film at 380,000 frames per second to make this video. Oh yeah, it turns out that the TV was given to him for this project. Nice perks with that job! (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Justin Timberlake, Then and Now

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Not a Plot Hole

I don't even recall where I got this, but it was soon after seeing The Last Jedi, and I found it to be the funniest joke about the movie yet. But because of spoilers, I only sent it to people who already saw the movie. It's been a month now, so here it is. 

Time to Get Fat and Sassy

Winter weather means you sometimes just have to stay at home inside the house. WCCB in Charlotte, North Carolina, talked to one delightful lady who has the right idea about it. There is an upside to bad weather in winter! I bet she makes good soup. (via reddit)

Don't Try

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Sweet Child O Mine, New Orleans Style

From Postmodern Jukebox with Miche Braden.