Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Mare with Features

The First Trailer for Mowgli

Although he's been kept busy appearing several blockbuster movies, Andy Serkis has been working on his movie Mowgli for the past five years. It is based on Rudyard Kipling's story of a feral child raised by wolves The Jungle Book, but is very different from either Disney version: it's closer to Kipling's original, there's no singing, and the story continues after Mowgli joins a community of people. Serkis also put his extensive motion-capture experience to work to film the animals in a new way.
We very carefully, in a long development period, designed the animals to fit the actor’s faces. So, the way we approached it was, if you take it on the left side, you’ve got an image of Christian Bale’s face, and then on the right hand side, you’ve got an image of a panther. We morphed Christian’s face over a series of images, backwards from the panther and towards Christian until we reached a sweet spot where somewhere along that spectrum you could actually see both. So, it was in the design of the animals. That was where the secret lies. And then, having the actors just play with Rohan Chand—this extraordinary young actor who plays Mowgli—to actually have them in the same space connecting with each other and emotionally finding the scenes together. So that really was something. that was the big difference. And I think when you see it, you won’t question whether these things feel alive.
You can read the rest of the interview with Serkis at io9. Mowgli, starring Serkis, Christian Bale, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Cate Blanchett as various animals, opens October 19.

Perfect Tie-In

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The Five Stages of Watching A Star Wars Movie

Did you know there's a new Star Wars movie coming out Friday? Yeah, sure it's a "Star Wars Story," but fans are looking forward to Solo while trying to reserve judgment before they see it. When you go to the theater, see how many of these five stages illustrated by How It Should Have Ended are really true. (via Tastefully Offensive)

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Lucas the Spider is a Giant

Lucas the Spider, from animator Joshua Slice, is a tiny but adorable little arachnid. He has seen a few adventures in the great big world. But now he has an opportunity to be a giant spider when he finds a cute little miniature village! Lucas soon learns that being a giant isn't any easier than being tiny, especially when you are young and inexperienced. (via Laughing Squid)

Miss Cellania's Links

This ‘outtake’ video of the Royal Wedding is so dumb—but so very enjoyable.

Apartments Are Stocked, Toys Donated. Only the Refugees Are Missing. The flow of refugees to the United States has slowed nearly to a halt, demonstrating that what President Trump’s administration could not achieve by executive order, it is accomplishing by bureaucracy. (via Metafilter)

Napflix, videos that will put you to sleep. (via Kottke)

An Invisible Warship is at the Center of WWII’s Greatest Urban Legend. Secret experiments, magnetic fields, and conspiracy theories led people to believe the USS Eldridge achieved teleportation.

The Next Big Discovery in Astronomy Has Already Been Found. We Just Don't Know It Yet. Many important breakthroughs come from interpreting old data.

Richard Wilkinson is producing a series of insect illustrations based on Star Wars characters called Arthropoda Iconicus. Star Wars fans will recognize who inspired each of these insects, but non-Star Wars fans will be forgiven if they take them as real species.

The Curse of an Open Floor Plan. Do the benefits of a great room outweigh the disadvantages? (via Metafilter)

Don't Pay for a Spell to Remove the Impediment. Especially if the impediment is you! (via Strange Company)

The Army’s First Black Nurses Were Relegated to Caring for Nazi Prisoners of War. The military didn't want them, even during a nurse shortage.

Babywhale had a story about the perils of not knowing English and how her wonderful grandma rose to the occasion.


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You Bet Your Life Outtakes 1959-60

When anything can be a euphemism, everything is a euphemism in the hands of Groucho Marx on the set of You Bet Your Life.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

TinyKittens Update

The nine kittens in the TinyKittens livestream are now quite energetic once they all got their eyes open. They've been moved to a larger nest, a playroom, actually, with all kinds of toys, including a giant shoe bed and a tiny camper. All nine of them squeezed into the camper at once, and when it got too crowded, Aura made a graceful exit. Aura is still being tube-fed, but she is growing and surprisingly healthy. Shelly, their caretaker, is trying to introduce the kittens to kibble, but they aren't all that impressed with real food yet. You can get regular updates at their Facebook page

That's What You Call a Flip-Flop

Brainstorm or Green Needle?

The question in the title sounds like we are going to name a new superhero. No, this is another audio illusion that might freak you out a bit. A toy says "brainstorm." Or maybe it says "green needle." You need to decide which one it is before you play the video. Then play it again, thinking about the other option. Keep your finger on the replay button (bottom left on the video), and you'll find that this toy says what you expect it to say, even if you change your mind between plays. Some people hear "green storm" or "brain needle," but that's because they chose to hear it. For some science behind the phenomena, and the actual answer to what this toy is saying, go to HuffPo. (via Geekologie)


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Meeting of the Mob

Trump meets his lawyers and his sons for a meal and the scene takes on the appearance of a Sopranos episode as a mysterious G-man keeps an eye on the proceedings. Ben Stiller returns to Saturday Night Live as Michael Cohen, and Robert De Niro plays Robert Mueller without a word. As usual, Kate McKinnon steals the show as Rudy Giuliani in last night's show opening. 

Cheese Display

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The Real Reason Peppers are Spicy

Why did peppers develop their heat? Scientists once assumed that pepper plants produce capsaicin to deter animals from eating them. But that explanation doesn't quite hold up in nature. Birds aren't affected by capsaicin, which is why you should put pepper seeds in the birdseed to keep squirrels out of it. Hank Green tells us what we know so far about pepper evolution in this SciShow video. (via Digg)

Cats Quote the Movies

Today, the cats of the internet are quoting movies. Can you guess the movie from each one? Continue reading for more.

Binary Sunset Scenes

The twin suns of Tatooine and the music of John Williams appear when you need to really feel something in the Star Wars universe. It works.